The Viennese know that Wien Energie reliably provides them with energy in their homes. But how can we help people with another energy problem in their daily lives …


… the weak batteries in their smart phones and tablets when they’re not at home?



We developed an online banner ad that can do just that.



Thanks to the newest HTML5 technology the banner detects low battery power and warns the user when it drops below 50%.


English translation:
Attention! Your battery only has 20% energy left.





The user can switch to a power save version of the website* with one click.


English translation:
Only 20%. Click to keep surfing in power save mode.


* A CSS stylesheet was created with energy efficient settings
(minimum lightness by using black background, grey as the font color for long copy, orange as a highlight color for headlines)



And the device is provided with power for longer.


English translation:
Good choice. Click here for more energy saving tipps …


Via link to the online blog users could get even more power saving tips from Wien Energie.

The banner ads were targeted on HTML5 browsers and Android mobile devices with the location Vienna.

The first flight of the banner campaign was running for two weeks on the three most popular mobile websites of Austria:

  • The mobile version of "der Standard" Newspaper (
  • Austria state-owned News-TV-Portal ORF (
  • The mobile version of – Austrias No 1. online marketplace (